Thursday, 28 May 2015

Potential Impact of student responses.

  One of my research questions links to the student's perception of flipped learning.    Only one student in the informal survey considered pre-learning to be helpful - this may be because the students have never been exposed to it or they don't understand the concept.  I used 'pre-learning' instead of 'flipped classroom' because I felt the meaning was more obvious to students.  This research question will be asked after the implementation of the  flipped unit.  Students will be able to measure the extent and quality of their learning more effectively after they have experienced the model.

I was concerned at how the students saw their role in their learning.  For the most part they considered their role as passive - to be 'fed' the content and record it rather than active seeking and re-imaging of knowledge.   I could have included a homework option in the survey to allow students to comment on that aspect of their learning so I could judge the level of participation with learning  in their own time.

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