Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What does my community look like?

The focus community for the engagement plan is my year nine class.  The class has a range of cultures including , Maori, NZ European,  Pasifika, African, Fijian Indian, and Indonesian. Almost a third of the students are Maori.  

As well as a range of cultures there is also a range of abilities.  Some of the students received level  three (basic) in their reading test at the beginning of the year while others are operating at  level five (advanced) on the curriculum.  Although the reading asttle is only one test it does give an indication of  student's ability to comprehend complex text.  The variation in scores means the learning has to be differentiated across a wide range of student levels.

Motivation is also an important factor in this community.  Many of these students are disengaged with  learning.  They struggle to see the purpose of many of the topics covered in class and do not have sufficient independent learning skills to be able to self-direct.  

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